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The Statistic of Tokopedia During the 5 years of Work in Indonesia Ecommerce

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On Sunday August 17, 2014 to coincide with the anniversary of Indonesia, Tokopedia celebrates their fifth birthday.

In this celebration, Tokopedia opened their statistics during 5 years of work in the world of Indonesia ecommerce as follows:



Statistics 5th anniversary of Tokopedia in Indonesia ecommerce from startupbisnis

Important things from these statistics:

  1. Majority of the buyers is 50% from the age group of 21-30 and followed by the age group of 31-40 with 31%.
  2. Seller category also has a majority of the same age, 21-30 age group dominates with 55% and 33% from the age group of 31-40.
  3. The percentage of male buyers as much as 46% and women 53.7%, but women dominate the value of the transaction by 60.5% while only 39.5% from men

You can see the complete statistics in the presentation above.


tokopedia statistik 1





tokopedia statistik 2



tokopedia statistik 3



tokopedia statistik 4


Photo was taken from Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Path)





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