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Statistical Data About E-Commerce Market Share Growth in Indonesia Today

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The rapid growth of e-commerce market share in Indonesia is already no doubt. With the number of internet users reached 82 million people, or about 30% of the total population in Indonesia, make the market of e-commerce into a gold mine that is very tempting for some people who can see the potential in the future. This growth is supported by data from the MCIT which states that the value of e-commerce transactions in 2013 reached Rp130 ​​trillion.

This number is fantastic considering that only about 7% of internet users in Indonesia online shopping ever, based on data from McKinsey. Compared to China, which has reached 30%, Indonesia is still lagging far behind, but you should remember that this number will continue to rise along with the growing use of smartphones, Internet penetration in Indonesia, the use of debit and credit cards, and consumer confidence to shop online . If we look at Indonesia as a vast archipelago country, e-commerce is a potentially growing market is very large in Indonesia.

Did you know that it was already getting a lot of small towns in Indonesia, which began to shop online? In 2012, an e-commerce company in Indonesia noted that 41% of their sales come from Jakarta, but six months later the number had fallen to 22%. This shows that not only consumers in Jakarta who routinely shopping online, consumers outside of Jakarta also did’nt want to miss the times by showing their contribution to the market of e-commerce in Indonesia.

Based on ICD Research Institute predicts that e-commerce market in Indonesia will grow 42% from 2012 to 2015. This number is higher than other countries such as Malaysia (14%), Thailand (22%), and the Philippines (28%) . This number is very tempting for some investors, both domestic and foreign. Some VC (Venture Capital) as large as Rocket Internet, CyberAgent, East Ventures, and Ideosource even invest into e-commerce company based in Indonesia. There are also big e-commerce such as Lazada and Zalora, Berrybenka, Tokopedia, Bilna, Saqina, VIP Plaza, Ralali and much more. Those are some examples of the company’s e-commerce success and succeeded in exploiting the opportunities of e-commerce market in Indonesia is on the rise.

Indonesian consumer behavior in the online shopping

Based on Bolton Consulting Group (BCG), in 2013 middle class level in Indonesia reach 74 million people and predic that in 2020, it will reach 141 million people or about 54% total Indonesian people. From this data, it clearly said that e-commerce market share is potentially big. With the rise of middle class level, people will not reluctant to use their money to buy everything they needed. Even the potential is bigger, but there are some problems that will block the rise of consumers who buys online shopping.

Articles from WSJ said that the first reason why Indonesian people have never been online shopping because lack off penetration debit card and credit card. Data from Euromonitor International in 2013, there are 92 million or more than 40% bank account that connect with credit card and debit card from total 240 million. If you compare this with the mobile phone penetration , this number is still lacking because about 85% Indonesian people has mobile phone that spend 661 pages for browsing.


The second reason why Indonesian people have never been online shopping is distrust. Research data from Nielsen states that 60% of Indonesian people are still afraid to give their credit card information on the internet for online shopping, this is larger than the countries in Southeast Asia except the Philippines. While the numbers are still low compared to countries, the number of credit card users in Indonesia has begun to grow, this year is expected to credit card users in Indonesia will reach 16.5 million. Unlike the credit card, debit card number in Indonesia is far superior to almost 80 million in 2013.

It is a problem that must be solved e-commerce company in terms of infrastructure and payment systems. Company e-commerce should be able to convince them that their prospective customers want to shop online, especially for the target market of young people who are generally very aware of technology developments. If an e-commerce company can provide a sense of comfort in shopping online and provide a payment system that can be accepted by other people, is expected to be more and more people in Indonesia who would not hesitate to shop, either using their debit or credit card.


As you know that Indonesia has a wide range of banks. The number of these banks, including things that make the company’s e-commerce system to accept payments from these banks. To overcome this, some e-commerce company in Indonesia as and system offers 14 channels of payment of payment of the various banks. In this way, there is no longer any reason for consumers not to shop online because of payment problems have been solved.

The market potential of e-commerce in Indonesia

According to Matthew Driver, MasterCard president for Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the countries with the growth of e-commerce market is the largest in the Asia-Pacific. Below is an estimate of the number of e-commerce sales for the Asia-Pacific.

ecommerce indonesia asia

The following figure shows the estimates of the B2C e-commerce sales in some Asian countries. Although the number of sales in Indonesia is still low compared to other countries, but seeing fairly rapid development of Indonesia, did not rule our beloved country will compete with other Asian countries that have been used to generate e-commerce sales over Indonesia.

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