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Bornevia Launches Full Version Service, Leaving The Beta Behind

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Bornevia - Startup Indonesia

After securing 370 merchants worldwide as its Beta customers, Bornevia, the first Indonesian B2B (Business to Business) startup building a SaaS (Software as a Service) Helpdesk/Customer Support CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software has today unveiled its full-version product to the public. The startup received an Angel seed-funding investment in August 2013, and since its Beta launch in January 2014 has acquired more than 370 merchants as customers with 60% of them being Indonesian-based businesses and the rest 40% come from mainly Europe, USA, Singapore, and India. Out of those 370 merchants, 20 merchants have requested demo of the Business Class (premium paid version) of Bornevia and also addressed what additional features they’d like to see in the premium product.The full-version Bornevia will include many bug patches and fixes, enhanced performance and overall user experience, auto-forward email integration, and cases categorization.

Bornevia is based in Jakarta and was co-founded by Benny Tjia and Tjiu Suryanto, who were both US Graduates. After months of market/product validations, feature iterations and improvements based on the customer feedbacks since its initial Beta launch in January 2014, Bornevia has been getting much coverage through startup events such as Startup Asia Singapore 2014, GEPI ANGIN meetup and also having been featured on a well-known design blog, as the site of the week. “So far we have seen lots of support for Bornevia through many different channels, and enjoyed quite significant growth in the user base and awareness about our product especially within the online B2C and IT Cloud service provider industries. The next step is to convert these potential user base into paying customers and make support better for every business that uses us”, said Benny about its main demographic of user base and the current state of Bornevia.

Talking about the business plan, Benny seemed very optimistic when he discussed the growth projection, while also added that fundraising will be quite imminent soon. “If we just take one out of many case studies in our core market verticals which is e-commerce business in the Asia Pacific, the market size has been growing rapidly since the past few years consistently and in-sync with the number of middle class and the customer base they have to serve. That’s why we have to take this opportunity and gain some market share as early as possible. To accommodate this much larger and more rapid growth, we have also been discussing the possibility of raising the next round of funding with a few regional VCs (Venture Capital). We’ll use most of the money to invest in hiring talents and improve the core product.” As part of its growth strategy, Bornevia has also been working with Infinys System Indonesia (A company whose products include Cloudkilat and Infinys Cloud) for a profit-sharing partnership opportunity. “Mr. Dondy Bapped Yanto, the Infinys Director has been very supportive of what we do, and I believe this partnership will help Bornevia expand further by getting some exposure to Infnys customer base,” said Benny. Bornevia has also been selected to attend the Rising Expo 2014, the largest demo day in Asia that will be held in Jakarta by a VC, CyberAgent Ventures, in which South East Asian startups will be pitching about their businesses in front of judges comprised of managing partners of major VC.