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Kopdar Online Shop June 21, 2014 with @RPXExpress (Video)

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One month ago and was in a cooperation with RPX Express in orderto make an exciting events for online businesses, namely “Kopdar Online Shop”. Many participants attended the event which was located at Gado-Gado Boplo near Theresa Church, and of course those participants who attended this shop is the online business performer who want to grow a successful business.

Speakers who are to share about his business in this Kopdar is Fung Fuk Lestario (GEPI Executive Director and Former Co-Founder and Fahmi Rizwansyah (Google Adwords Expert and Founder

Feels like seeing the excitement of our Kopdar Online Shop show? Watch the video below!
Our next event will be held on Wednesday 27th August at 18.00 in FX Mall Sudirman. Want to join us? Register your email in!




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