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Dealoka is Trying To Be A Platform Where You Can Get Attractive Daily Deals That You Can’t Ignore On Your Smartphone

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Ecommerce Indonesia - Dealoka

Dealoka is a mobile application that delivers highly exclusive promos in the form of e-vouchers to your mobile instantly & contextually. Dealoka bridges the gap between the ability to get highly exclusive style promos that usually appear on daily deal websites yet also gives you the benefit of being able to use them instantly without requiring to pay up front to claim the promo.

This puts Dealoka in a unique position to provide the gratification characteristics of credit card promos, which are instant & paid at the merchant site, yet is still accessible to everyone since an actual credit card or any special payment method is not required. Above and beyond these benefits, Dealoka also provides the capability of being highly contextual to each consumer.

The promos that are provided by Dealoka are also limited which means that there is a certain number of offers per day with the addition that once the offer is downloaded, it is only active for a period of 24hrs. If the offer is not redeemed at the merchant within 24hrs it will expire and is no longer usable. Dealoka also aims to allow consumers to connect with the merchants they love, which is achieved via a follow merchant feature, allowing consumers to get the latest updates & promos.

Dealoka is not only beneficial to the consumers but also provides merchants many additional benefits. Unlike many previous methods of delivering promos, Dealoka provides the ability to limit and throttle the number of consumers that make use of the promos on a per day basis. This means merchants will not be inundated with consumers that they cannot handle which is a key concern to many merchants.

An additional key beneficial feature for merchants is the ability to understand which promos have the best success rates by providing a dashboard that shows statistics and closely analyses the success rate of every offer created. This will help merchants understand who their best customers are and which areas they are coming from, what the demographic of their customer base is and what are their more popular products/services that can provide the best conversions. This data helps merchants create better future marketing campaigns.

Dealoka now has a distribution partnership with Indosat and will work with Indosat on a number of campaigns that will provide awareness both to bargain hunters and merchants throughout Indonesia.

Currently Dealoka is available on Android but will be available on iPhone within the coming month. The ultimate goal for the team at Dealoka is to continue to improve the delivery method for promos to consumers whilst also providing useful analytics to merchants. Consumers love promos and promos are very important for merchants to learn about their customers.

The team at Dealoka understands that throughout recent years the delivery method for promos has been sub optimal due to many restrictions and the delivery method has either turned out to be either very detrimental to the merchants business or not very attractive to the consumer. Dealoka aim’s to innovate on the previous delivery methods so that both merchants and consumers reap the benefits equally and fairly.