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How to Detect Scammers Investors in Linkedin : Check Email IP Address

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You are used to distinguish a scammer or not in your Yahoo email, how the scammer on Linkedin? who understand the investment and target startup founder?

Last two weeks there were some people from the private equity industry who contacted me, anyone asked about indonesia startup, there is also invited me to be involved in the incubation program that he/she would make.

Funny thing that I found from some of these people, I find there is 1 person named Anwar H Atari was offering investments with terms that too good to be true. I was trying to follow up and the edges to get the funding that too good to be true I have to transfer some money to him. Well I see him on Linkedin have added many colleagues from the Indonesian startup, I also read an article that many scammers are targeting people who are highly intelligent (like the startup founder) as if they had become victims usually they will not talk to anyone.

In that situation, I think if I don’t say anything it will be many people who become victims, especially colleagues who need startup funding. Even when he “add” important people in the Indonesia technology industry, that increase his Linkedin account credibility . It is a dangerous thing. So I figure out how to detect whether a person is a scammer or not. The answer is to look at the IP location of the perpetrator.

Scammer linkedin address :

He will ask for your email and then he would communicate via email. The first step is: Click show original on the email that sent by him.


Scammer email IP


Result after you check that IP


The scammer also had some sort of “financial consultants” are located in Europe that will accept the transfer of funds, following the results of an IP check:



Other references:


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